Poppy Kural x Stacey Teague


my body beneath blankets, lying down on my back so that my breasts roll around to my sides. placing my hand on my breastbone, it is level and i feel my breath, but that is inside. there are bony hips and ribs, ready for dismantling. in the mornings, i have to hold my stomach to keep the fear from spilling out.


today my lips are cracked and i do nothing to repair them. we rely too heavily on balms and ointments, rubbing them into our skin like it’s a religion. instead i will rip off the dead skin until it is bloody and the blood fills up my bottom lip. dabbing at it with my tongue it tastes that strange metallic way that all blood tastes, and in fact i kind of like it. this is one of the small ways that you can distract yourself.


i think about the moon too often. i love how the cool light fills up my bedroom. its craters like lifelines, imprints in the skin. the cliche of it. i have important moon memories, i have moon stories to tell. every poem has a moon, even if it doesn’t explicitly say so. it hangs over the poem, and the poem turns silver.


i need a skin much thicker than this one, one that is resilient, less willing to compromise, possibly waterproof. my own skin is weak, sagging. i poke and prod at it, pulling at it hard between my thumb and fingers. after a while i realise that the skin i have is mine and can’t be altered. i try to smooth over the creases i have made. everything is a threat, but giving up is a luxury.


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LSAT Poor Studying Consequences

For a long time now, the LSAT exam has been one that many candidates have looked back on as challenging. It is one of those exams where if you fail to study properly, it will be entirely unforgiving towards you in terms of your score on it. And many candidates admit that this is an exam that you want to get through with success on the first attempt. You don’t want to be having to go back and do it all again. That would cost far too much time, and far too much money.

To ensure that you get this whole thing correct at the first go, you will be needing several things, not least of which will be access to the absolute best LSAT prep courses. There can be no trying to save money on buying a cheaper course, because that would potentially compromise your LSAT score, and then you’d end up spending even more money doing the whole thing again.

After you have acquired the right content for learning, you then just need to find the determination to sit alone and do some work. This can take strong willpower, but you are definitely capable of it, so silence your distractions and just do it!