Poppy Kural x Stacey Teague


my body beneath blankets, lying down on my back so that my breasts roll around to my sides. placing my hand on my breastbone, it is level and i feel my breath, but that is inside. there are bony hips and ribs, ready for dismantling. in the mornings, i have to hold my stomach to keep the fear from spilling out.


today my lips are cracked and i do nothing to repair them. we rely too heavily on balms and ointments, rubbing them into our skin like it’s a religion. instead i will rip off the dead skin until it is bloody and the blood fills up my bottom lip. dabbing at it with my tongue it tastes that strange metallic way that all blood tastes, and in fact i kind of like it. this is one of the small ways that you can distract yourself.


i think about the moon too often. i love how the cool light fills up my bedroom. its craters like lifelines, imprints in the skin. the cliche of it. i have important moon memories, i have moon stories to tell. every poem has a moon, even if it doesn’t explicitly say so. it hangs over the poem, and the poem turns silver.


i need a skin much thicker than this one, one that is resilient, less willing to compromise, possibly waterproof. my own skin is weak, sagging. i poke and prod at it, pulling at it hard between my thumb and fingers. after a while i realise that the skin i have is mine and can’t be altered. i try to smooth over the creases i have made. everything is a threat, but giving up is a luxury.


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Making it all come together in your CPA exam

Taking the CPA exam is a big moment in the life of anyone who has made the decision to take it, at least in terms of career. Assuming you are someone who’s going to do this exam, it is a deciding factor in how qualified you end up becoming, and actually could alter the trajectory of your life – almost certainly in a positive fashion. So in order to make sure the effect is a positive one on your life, you need to pass it, and I guess you might be unsure of what the best process to use is, that will make this happen.

Well I can tell you what the process is right now! The process is to initially purchase the CPA prep courses, and have a look through it, just to get a good feel for the style of the book and the way it’s going to teach you. After that, you would be served best by canceling as much of your daily schedule as possible, and handing that time over to study. Even if you have to cancel gym sessions, social outings and other such daily undertakings, it’s best to just do it because you don’t have to do it for very long. It’s only a few weeks that you need to do it, but it will be worth it!




Having a CFA Study Party

You want to be able to have a big party after you get your results from your CFA exam. This would of course be a party to celebrate the fact that you passed and hopefully aced, the exam. It will be such a relief when you can go ahead and do this.

Thing is, there is no guarantee that you will pass the exam. I have no doubt  that you’ve got the ability to do it, but the question is are you willing to put in the hard work to make it happen? If yes then you’ll do just fine, but if no then there is a very big chance that you will struggle a lot with the exam questions. Because that’s what exam difficulty is all about  – did you study enough to know the answers, or not? It’s often not about smarts, but instead about hard work prior to the examination.

So before you go and have your party, you’ll need to do a lot of studying and take the exam. Make sure you do this all properly. I promise you the taste of success will get sweeter and sweeter the harder you work. Give plenty of hours to study and then you can have the sweetest party ever!



What if the LSAT exam was too difficult?

You often hear stories of how certain exams were just too hard. Too challenging. Impossible to pass. In most instances, the people making these complaints are people who either didn’t study hard enough, or the people who lacked enough interest in the subject of the exam, to really let the study material sink into their mind. But you clearly feel that you’re interested in this exam’s subject, since you’re here reading this article looking for tips, so there’s no problem there. And you’re clearly willing to put some work in, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this either. So how can you make sure the exam is not too difficult?

It’s pretty damn simple actually. Get yourself a new copy of the Blueprint LSAT review right now. Then, use your Blueprint LSAT review whenever you can find the time to do so. Absorb all the information that it has to give, and this way, come the time of the examination, you will be ready for those questions. The exam definitely won’t be too hard if you do this. They never are so long as you try hard enough with your studies.

Do things the way I just said and you’ll be fine on the exam!


It’s DAT Time of year!

Yes it’s that time of year again when candidates of the DAT exam get their studying done and then take their exam. If this is you, then today’s article is probably one you would be smart to take notes from. I feel like it’s the perfect time to post an article about this so here it is.

You can get yourself an edge in the DAT exam by finding what you believe to be the best DAT study guide and studying from it ferociously. This means that at every spare moment that you get, you settle down in a quiet space to get some studying done. This can be difficult at times because things come up in life and of course you need to take care of yourself and maybe some other people too. But with that said, there is always at least SOME time left for doing other stuff, and this is where studying can be fit into, or even crammed into if necessary, your schedule.

If you are pushed for time then I recommend that you write down your daily routine and make a decision about what is truly important and what isn’t. Cooking healthy meals is of course important, but catching your favorite show on TV isn’t – this shows you what I’m getting at here. Prioritize and you will pass!


Going for CIA Exam Prosperity

No doubt you want to prosper in the CIA exam, and I have a few little hints and tricks that can help you to that end. It’s a tough exam to get through and pass, the CIA, so I believe you should listen since you’ll need all the advice you can get.

My first tip or recommendation is to try Gleim’s CIA review. I really believe in Gleim. Their students tend to have high pass rates than some other content providers might, and this is of course the most important factor. Their track record is good and that is why I tend to big them up when I get half the chance like I have in this article.

My second tip is to keep your mind focused on your goal throughout the study period. Studying can be boring and that means that the motivation to get down and do it can decrease and sometimes even fail to appear at all, and what focusing on your end-result goal does is, it keeps you feeling that the studying has a purpose. This builds a drive in you to do the work, because you realize that by studying you get to develop the career and lifestyle you always wanted.


EA Exam Studying Precautions

There are a few precautions that I feel you should take with regards to your EA exam. You’ll want to be successful on this exam, and these precautions will simply aid you to that goal. So what are the precautions?

Well the first one is to take your time and pick carefully when it comes to selecting an EA study course. There are lots of available courses and only some of them are any good, meaning you will need to be advised on which one to pick. There’s plenty of EA exam advice all over the internet these days so really, this shouldn’t be an issue.

And what about the other precautions? Well I would also advise you to make sure you keep your week clear of every possible unnecessary part of it, so that you have the time to do as much studying as you can in the time left running up to the exam. And during your study time, keep things simple by just studying from one sole resource. Some people complicate things by using lots of different resources, but I really think this just causes confusion and doesn’t help at all.

So those are my EA study precautions. Use them to improve your odds of passing!



LSAT Exam Irritation

Life can get highly irritating when you are in the midst of prepping for your LSAT exam. There is so much course content to cover and sink into your brain, and this takes time. Couple that with the fact that your life is busy and cannot exactly be put on hold just because you need to create time to study, and you have yourself a recipe for lots of irritation. But with that said, this exam can be studied for correctly, such that you will be able to do all the studying required and keep your life relatively normal as well.

The way to approach this situation is to write down everything that you need to get done on a daily basis. I am not just talking about study tasks here, I’m talking about everything in your life. Then when you have written that down, make decisions on which things are the most important and make a list in order of importance. Then cancel the things that are less necessary, and instead give that time to studying from your LSAT test prep. It is a very logical way of doing things, and this is the exact reason why it works out so well for so many people.


CFA exam dreaming

You are well within your rights to begin dreaming about your upcoming yet ultimately not far away success in the CFA exam. Even if the exam is still a few months away, the time of the exam and the time of the results day will soon enough be here, and it is important that you make sure you give yourself a reason to smile when you get those results coming in.

I really with I could give you a way of ensuring your exam success without you having to put some really hard work into it. Unfortunately, without that hard work you would have to be riding your luck to pass the exam, which means that the best approach to this exam is to study super well right from the get go. You will be needing 2 key ingredients, and these are the Wiley CFA Level 1 along with plenty of free time in which you can get work done. Nobody needs anything more than those 2 things in order to succeed in this CFA exam, and in a way that is quite nice. It may be hard but it is not complicated – it is actually simple. And that is how you gain CFA success!


CPA exam study restrictions

The only study restrictions that are put on you, are the ones you instigate yourself. This means that there really are no boundaries. You have all the time you need for this CPA exam and are free to study however you like, meaning if you don’t prepare properly and end up failing this exam, then it will undoubtedly be your own fault.

With that in mind, let’s talk about HOW you’d best get your studying done. What tools should you use? How much studying should you do each day?

Well in terms of tools, the Gleim CPA review online would be a great option here. I don’t know of a better learning resource for the CPA exam, so I guess it’s kind of a no brainer.

As for studying for how long each day, I would suggest doing it for as long as you feel capable. There’s no need to overdo it of course. 6 hours in a day should be your maximum, because after 6 hours your brain won’t be much good for taking in information anyhow. And the study duration should be at least 2 hours. Any less than that and you’re barely going to get started. We can all spare at least a couple of hours a day for the important things in our lives, so go ahead and do it.



Are you prepped fully for the CFA exam?

Before you answer that question, let me just say that unless you are reading this on the morning of the exam, there is no way you can honestly say you are ready for the CFA exam. Why not? Because if there’s still time left before you go to the exam, then you should at the very least be doing some revision sessions in which you go over what you already know. This is to say that you should keep working right up to the date of the exam, just to really guarantee that you know as much as you possibly can, to go in and score the highest grade possible.

Naturally, in order to know as much as possible and prepare as well as you can, you will need the best CFA study materials around, which can easily be picked up online. It can cost a bit of cash in some cases, but remember, your income earning potential will go up a lot from being more qualified, so you shouldn’t worry over the initial cost. It’s just an investment in your future. 

Then, having plenty of free time in which to get down and do your work, is pretty much the only necessity.


LSAT Poor Studying Consequences

For a long time now, the LSAT exam has been one that many candidates have looked back on as challenging. It is one of those exams where if you fail to study properly, it will be entirely unforgiving towards you in terms of your score on it. And many candidates admit that this is an exam that you want to get through with success on the first attempt. You don’t want to be having to go back and do it all again. That would cost far too much time, and far too much money.

To ensure that you get this whole thing correct at the first go, you will be needing several things, not least of which will be access to the absolute best LSAT prep courses. There can be no trying to save money on buying a cheaper course, because that would potentially compromise your LSAT score, and then you’d end up spending even more money doing the whole thing again.

After you have acquired the right content for learning, you then just need to find the determination to sit alone and do some work. This can take strong willpower, but you are definitely capable of it, so silence your distractions and just do it!